Wednesday 11 July 2018

Reflections - Diana Ross and The Supremes (1968)


Going to be taking a quick look at the track 'Reflections' by Diana Ross and The Supremes.

I've decided not to do a full in-depth analysis of this one as it's quite straight forward, with Jamerson pretty much sticking to a root / fifth approach throughout the entire song. He links phrases together with some classic chromatic passing runs, and really just holds it down, grooving throughout. There is a tricky transition into the Bridge, where we have a quick key change before heading on back into a chorus.

Keeping it nice and simple, once the rhythmic and melodic feel is established in the verse he repeats it over and over. The chorus is less staccato, creating a driving motion that really takes it up a notch, propelling the song forward. We've got open stings bounces, arpeggio skips, chromatic runs... Classic Jamerson through and through.

I've uploaded the full transcription below, as well as a quick cover video.



Full Transcription


  1. Hey Chris. Lovely transcription and playing. In the verse I'm curious why you use a 16th note/16th rest on beat four instead of staccato quarter? How does one choose which? Thanks

    1. Hello - Thanks for you comment. I suppose when transcribing this line the length of the note sounded more consistent with a semiquaver. By specifying a semiquaver you specify an exact note length, whereas a staccato dot just says 'keep this note short'. It's less exact in it's duration.

  2. Understood. I wish I was precise enough to play the difference. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi Chris. Is the transcription for Reflections no longer available. I don't seem to be able to download it. Thank you.

  4. Seems like the link for the transcription is an error.